Ideas needed!

It would be very helpful if readers could point out things I’m missing, or current issues they’d like to see discussed from a Carnapian viewpoint, or new papers I’ve overlooked.  I’d be especially grateful if authors could bring their new Carnap-related papers to my attention.  Not that I don’t have enough to write about as it is (my current list of ideas will last me a year, and it keeps getting longer), but part of the point of this blog is to keep me current, and obviously my own perspective is pretty limited.  So I’d like help!

If your idea is connected with (or inspired by) something else that’s appeared on this blog, leave a comment (doesn’t matter how old the original post is — I’ll see the comment).  Otherwise send me an e-mail at awcarus (at); thanks.

Comment (I will respond, however old the post!):