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Carnap on Value Concepts

This transcription of a shorthand text from the Carnap Papers at Pitt (Archive of Scientific Philosophy) will remain its only publication in its original “German” (actually a mishmash of German and English, in vocabulary as well as syntax and word order); the journal in which my translation of it into English and a brief introduction will appear considered the possibility of publishing the original as well, but then thought better of it.  The translation will link to this page.

There are still a couple of potential typos I need to check.  If anyone (other than the three other people in the world I’m aware of) knows Stolze-Schrey shorthand and would be so kind as to check my transcription, the link to the original shorthand is above, and it would obviously be great to have another pair of eyes looking at this.  I’m very grateful to Brigitta Arden at the ASP (one of those three) for having helped me out with it already.  The other Brigitte (the one at Konstanz, Brigitte Parakenings) has helped out in the past with other transcriptions, but I think I spared her this time).

The text was (as you can see right at the beginning) originally supposed to be part of Carnap’s reply to Kaplan (on values), the last chapter of the 1963 Schilpp volume, but Carnap decided that would get too long.  I will post a little more commentary on it once I get a chance to revise my introduction in response to some useful tips from the people who reviewed it for the journal. Coming soon!

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