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Yet another new special issue on Carnap!

This time edited by me.  You have over two years to figure out what to submit for this and get it written down, so I expect lots of good stuff.  The scope is almost limitless.  Here’s what it says on the Monist calls for papers

Oct 2018: ⇑ Carnap’s Metaphilosophy

101:4 Oct. 2018.
Advisory Editor: A.W Carus ([email protected]).
Deadline for submissions: Oct 31, 2017

It is well known that Carnap, in his “Overcoming Metaphysics Through Logical Analysis of Language” of 1932, used Heidegger’s philosophy to provide examples of metaphysical pseudosentences. What is less well known is that Carnaps’s critique of metaphysics was rooted in a broader, positive metaphilosophy, which underwent a radical change in the early 1930s that gave rise to the principle of tolerance, the basis for Carnap’s later outlook. The earlier critique of metaphysics thereby yielded to a different kind of critique, with a focus on replacing “external” questions — questions not articulable in an explicitly specified linguistic framework — by practical questions concerning which framework to choose. Papers are invited that address not only Carnap’s own metaphilosophy, but also the status of present-day metaphysics in the light of Carnap’s critique — including such questions as: Must the later, tolerance-oriented metaphilosophy actually exclude metaphysics? And if not, which forms of metaphysics will remain safe? Does the later critique apply, for instance, to current analytic metaphysics? And how does it relate to current work under the heading of ‘metametaphysics’? These are not just historical questions, but also address issues of importance to many aspects of current philosophy.

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