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Endlich! (Another update on vol. 1)

Vol. 1 of the Carnap edition is now officially available on the Oxford University Press site, for immediate order. Amazon.co.uk is now saying it will be available on Friday (12 July), and is charging the same price as OUP’s own site (which, though high, is much more reasonable than I’d feared). I’m not sure which of the two would arrive sooner if you order it before Friday. After that I’d definitely guess Amazon would be quicker. The German and American Amazon sites are saying the book will be released on 25 August, so you’re better off ordering from Amazon UK or OUP direct (be sure to use their British site, with prices in pounds sterling, or you’ll get the same availability date as the German or American Amazon sites).

The advance copies to the editors and the editorial board are on their way; I’ve already received mine. I won’t post a photo, since it won’t convey any more information than the one in the previous post, but I must say that I’m very pleased with the result of all those years of work, and congratulate OUP on the job they did with it. They deserve their status as the world’s leading philosophy publisher; it looks terrific!

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  1. Hi Carus! This is great news (I’ve been researching into Carnap lately, plus currently reading your monograph about him and it’s fantastic!), I wanted to know if you’ll release a schedule with the details on the release dates of the other volumes in the collection? Thank you!

    1. Sorry, I overlooked this comment — somehow WordPress didn’t alert me to it. I entirely sympathize with your desire to have a schedule of the other volumes, but unfortunately it depends on a lot of different people who have a lot of different other things on their plates and have to fit this in around those other things. The best way to keep up to date on the edition is to look at its website, which is here.

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